Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back at the Burg

Hello blog. It's been a while. Allow me to briefly catch you up. My mission was perfect. I wasn't a perfect missionary of course, but my mission is just what I needed. I LOVED it. I miss it. But I'm still doing good things so it doesn't pain me to look back.
Mom and Dad picking me up at DIA on December 15. A happy reunion!
I returned in December and jumped into another semester at BYU-I until April. 16 credits and a working part-time for the school paper reminded me why school was hard, but I learned valuable lessons. I roomed with Hannah Christensen and we became good friends. I also took on the role of "mom" at my apartment. I guess that's what happens when you come back to BYU-I after a mission.

One of my highlights of the semester is when three buddies and former mission companions come up to visit over a three-day weekend. One of our adventures was going to a dog sledding event in Ashton, Idaho. Here we've got Kaitlin Berggren, me, Balto, and Whitney Johnston.  

One of my favorite things we did was go singing at a local retirement home. We enjoy singing with each other more than you'd think.

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