Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cuatro Meses Dia

Who am I and what happened to the Abby from four months ago?
Oh where to start...
This was a great month. Here's a list that just touches on a some highlights:
  1. played for the Primary Program. One sentence does not accurately convey how big it was to me.
  2. trip to Mendoza, Argentina = paragliding
  3. truly realized just how valuable my diary is to me
  4. classes finished (**I think. I missed a week and I have no idea what's what anymore**)
  5. Mom came to visit
  6. I gave a talk in my ward, in SPANISH! :)
  7. Southern Chile, tan lindo
  8. played a special musical number on the violin in my ward
In short, I'm living the good life.

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