Friday, November 6, 2009

CareFULL please

I know I say the darnest things in Spanish (okay, okay, English too), but Chilean translations into English make their fair share of mistakes as well. I can't even begin to tell you how many translations I've seen that just make me cringe. Some are downright awful, and some are just too funny to pass without a photo. I'll share just a few examples.

Yeah, I know this translation is fine. I just thought it was funny because it's so obvious. I'm glad they took the time to explain to gringos that the magnets are "for your fridge."

This badboy is hanging in el Congreso (Congress Building). Instead of turning my phone off next time, I'd rather just grab the fire extinguisher and douse it.

I think this one's my fav. Please be full of care as you exit.
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  1. A local drycleaners in Boston posted a slogan on their window: "You Never Looked Beautiful." I don't think I ever did figure out where they were going with that, but it ruined my self esteem every time I drove by.