Saturday, October 31, 2009

I let the bedbugs bite itchy...can't. stop. itching!
I have more than thirty bites on my body. They're on my feet, legs, stomach, arms, hands, fingers, and I even had a bite IN my ear. I knoooow. Okay, they're really not that bad, kinda like mosquito bites, but all the same, they're so iiiiiiiiitchy!

P.S. Chile is not a third world country and I living in a really nice area. I just have a knack for getting bugs bites.


  1. Oh! One of the apartments I was in got FLEAS. They were terrible. Good luck...

  2. Remember that time we canoed down the Teton river... I can empathize about bug bites

  3. I had fleas in Bolivia, too. It too the fun out of going to bed at night! It could be could be me with bedbugs!