Friday, October 16, 2009

Bread Run

Tonight mis padres had me go buy bread (at the Panadoria just down the street) mostly to practice my Spanish. It reminded me of the day I got my drivers' license and was actually excited to go buy milk for my family. I told the checkout lady "I'm an exchange student and I need to practice my Spanish." She smiled and said something I forgot. I asked her if my Spanish was "claro" y she said yes. Then I got excited and figured I should stick around and have a pleasent converstaion with the kind woman. I said something that I'm pretty sure didn't make any sense, to which she responded, "te vaya bien" (have a good day). I took that as my exit. When I got back to mi casa mi familia had me relate my bread-buying experience to them. I love how the smallest things become a story and a celebration down here!

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  1. We have enjoyed your new pictures that are posted!