Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tres Meses Dia

Whoa. This one went by FAST! Lots of good things happening down here, allow me to list just a few things I will remember from month three.
  1. watching General Conference in Spanish
  2. practicing about seven hours a week for the blessed upcoming Primary Program
  3. Santiago with Holli and Emily
  4. singing "Haven't Met You Yet" just about everywhere I go
  5. hitting up the beach more and working on my tan (Mom, you didn't read that)
  6. horseback riding
  7. Alina's Baptism and Birthday party
  8. Bomba (fire-station) tour
Truly I am blessed to be in Chile. I am learning so many valuable lessons and experiences so many incredible things in this far away land.

Bienvenidos a Sala Mapuche! This is the room where I spend about 98% of my class-time. Pictured above is my Grammer class con la Holli y la Gillian. Wee. Everyone say, "tres meses!"

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  1. Felicitaciones por tu progreso y por las aventuras lindas que haz tenido. Eres magnifica!