Monday, December 14, 2009

There and back again

The day I've been both looking forward to and dreading finally arrived: my return date. So many emotions crammed into one day. Opposition in all things, right? I'm just glad I got to say all my goodbyes and enjoy one last day in the Chilean sun with friends y familia.

'Twas my last Sunday as the Agua Santa Ward Pianista. This is also the ONLY picture I have with the entire family. Entonces, esta foto es tan precioso.

Fun in the sun with my ham hermanita Dania. Que tierna!

Las tres amigas para siempre.

Waiting in the Santiago Airport to leave Chile. It was a good time to reflect and think on my experience. At this point I wasn't too excited to leave.

I have a proclamation for the world: Air Canada is the best airline! It's by far my fav, largely because of the personal TVs. These TVs include FREE music, movies and TV. They help the ten hour flight go by much faster.

It was such a blessing to be on the same flight to Toronto, Canada with a fellow UVM student, Lauren. We got to sit next to each other and we watched "UP." The movie was perfect closer to our time in South America as well as a great pep talk for our next big adventures. But regardless of future adventures or no, ten hours on a plane gets pretty long (left: before; right: after)

But of course, the layover and 14 hours on a plane were definitely worth it in the end. My wonderful dad picked me up at DIA and I must say, it feels good to be back.


  1. Abby--
    I can't believe it's already over for you. Are you coming to Utah any time soon? I would love to see you. P.S. I love the movie UP

  2. Abby! I just read your whole blog this morning. Fantastic! I wish I had been reading while you were writing but life has been busy. Lame excuse. But I loved all your stories and laughed out loud quite a bit. My favorites were the children dancing on indepedence day and you seeing Tinkerbell in Spanish. Priceless. Can't wait to see you and hear more in a few days!

    Amanda Bush

  3. I loved following your adventures in Chile. The pictures were great. What's the new Buzz on Abby? I hear you may be putting in your mission papers? You must update your blog for us. We miss you!