Saturday, December 12, 2009

So it begins: the goodbyes

Mi familia Chilena held a last Noche de Hogar tonight that included all my favorite things to do with the fam; singing, spiritual lesson, and games. Oh my, more than anything I KNOW I will miss Noche de Hogar. A lot. Tonight mi familia presented me with going away/Christmas presents. I got a heart-shaped Chile pin and a Chile apron that I'll most certainly wear every time I make pan.

Jaja, I love this candid shot. I also loved it when mi papa said, "okay, picture with my daughters." :)


  1. I'm glad you love Chile and I'm glad you're coming home. Can't wait to see all the pictures.

  2. You're so lucky to have a Chilean family! I wish I had one. They look so nice. I wonder if Gisella is excited to get her room back. We're looking forward to seeing you. Steel yourself for cold weather, because we're having it!