Friday, June 7, 2013

He's back!

I left for my mission in June 2010, and Isaac left for his in June the following year. That means that we overlapped and went almost three years without seeing each other. Man, I've missed Isaac! There have been multiple occasions in the past year and a hald when I think, "man, I haven't talked to Isaac in ages. I should give him a call!"...only to remember that he's on his mission and I simply can't call him. Ha.

Isaac is such good people. His emails inspired me and just confirmed that he was a fantiastic missionary--one of great fire and focus. He was there to serve the Lord and to teach the people of Hong Kong. It's been great to hear his mission stories today, and I look forward to more to come.

The three amigos--I feel complete to have us together again.

Isaac's flight came in a half hour early and we were running late. Bad news. We were crusing (and I really mean crusing--just flyin'--on the freeway) to get to the airport and be there when Isaac came out. Can you even imagine how depressing it would be to not have anyone greet you upon returning home?! Anyway, Mom and Dad had Eli, Lacy, and I run in just to make sure someone was there. Luckily we were. But don't worry, Mom and Dad still got proper homecoming hugs :)
Oh, and Eli's the one who made all the sweet posters. 

I'm so looking forward to spending more time with the fam this weekend. (And I'm not-so-secretly not looking forward to going back to Utah. It's so nice here and I just love feeling taken care of! Who needs real life when Mom makes breakfast and there's a piano to play at your leisure?) 

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