Friday, November 14, 2014

It Hurts So Good

I had a companion who used to tease me about how possessive I was of my pens. When I find a pen I like, I will protect it from those who are prone to lose it — hence, my favorite black Zebra pen was always under my close supervision. I’ve since come to find out that it’s much, much harder to extend my scrutinizing protection over larger and more important items, such as my townhome. Yes, I bought a townhome. TOWN-HOME. Like, the kind that come with a mortgage. What amazed me more than anything else during the process is that no one told me I was crazy. Deciding to go through with this purchase and all the details it entailed were some of the most stressful six weeks I’d experienced in a long time, but I did it with a very real purpose in mind: progression.

It is so easy to get used to the way things are and to just let them be. I graduated last year. I am settled into my job. In Utah Valley had friends and family around. I wouldn’t say I was idle — I had difficult work assignments, I listened to audiobooks, I traveled — but I also wasn’t really pushing myself with that hard class or a new, exciting project. When my sister-in-law Lacy (who’s a real estate agent) presented me with the opportunity to actually make this townhome happen, I hesitated. Yes, I wanted to do it, but I felt like there was such a large gap from where I was to the person I’d have to be in order to be a proper homeowner. I just didn’t feel like I was that ‘put together’ to make it happen in the allotted timeslot. But when I really thought it through, I realized that bridging that gap wouldn’t just happen one day — at some point I had to make the plunge and do it. So, I did.





In a matter of weeks, I found three roommates to rent out the addition rooms in my townhome (KSL), sold my own contract (KSL), bought a fridge, washer, dryer, and couches (not KSL). I reminisce about the times I agonized over whether or not I should pay $20 for a skirt. Heh. The settlement date for my townhome was Thursday, September 11, 2014. I celebrated my love for America by starting my own American Dream — and then I ate Mexican food.

I’ve learned so much about home ownership since mid-September. So much. Sometimes I feel like they didn’t teach me anything in school. But despite the stress, anxiety and tears (yes, tears — no shame), I’m glad I’m doing it. I’ve grown in new ways since deciding to buy this townhome; I’m already knee-deep in the life lessons I signed up for.

Now, if nothing can ever leak or break or get dirty again that would be just wonderful ;)


  1. Yay Abby! It's beautiful! You, my girl, are an inspiration.

  2. Love it! Excited for your house warming party!