Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Like Unto Nursury

Today I became an aunt! For my Cultures in Contact class I get to volunteer at a the "Hogar de Ninos." It's like a Day Care meets an Orphanage, so some of the kids live there, and some are dropped off for chunks of the day. The ages range from about 3-7 years old, and today I took them on a walk around the neighborhood with three other Tias (aunts). As cute as the little Chileans children are, they certainly can be a handful, and a sticky one at that. On our walk a lady gave each child a sucker, and I was thinking about the sticky mess before one wrapper was even opened. Oh dear.
But it was a good first day and I'm excited to know that my Spanish commands will improve drastically with my time spent with the children. And Mom, for the record, the two Spanish words I remember you saying to us growing up actually have a purpose now. I used lots of "muevete" and "sientate" today.


  1. Working with kids is a great way to learn Spanish. They don't really speak any better than you do. The only difference is that they don't know they can't speak well, and they aren't embarrassed by making mistakes. Too bad we (adults) get so self-conscious when we're learning a new language!