Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mejor Dia!

This weekend mi familia took me to the beautiful campo (countryside) with them and I had so much fun to get away from the city for a day. I loved the drive out where we could see the mountains, green hills and trees, and even sand dunes. And our motto of the day? "Mejor dia!" (That is mi familia's condensed way of saying, "this is the best day ever!" *Yea for Badger!*) I met members of mi padre's extended family, toured a "green house," skipped shells at the beach, tried new seafood, and even ate some famous Chilean dulces (sweets). Even the language barrier couldn't put a damper on my time en el campo! The day ended with a Church dance in Valpo--which is another story in and of itself--undoubtedly it was a day full of sights and adventure.

Lemon trees and "beehive" at mi tia abuela's (great aunt) house where mi familia gets their honey.

Inside the "Green House" at tia abuela's.

Country Roads, take me home...

La playa.

Viva Chile!

Alina y Dania making some tough choices...they were only allowed to pick out five shells each from their beach collection.

Trying a new kind of seafood (alas, the name has entirely slipped my mind) con mi padre. Despite my disgusted look, it really wasn't that bad.

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  1. What an incredibly beautiful day. We Americans miss out on so much because we don't know how to slow down and enjoy life. The Chileans have us beat on that. I also tried seafood out of the shell while in Chile. Did they put lemon on it for you? Your Chilean family is such a blessing.