Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Real Deal

Chileans are incredible nice people. Emily, Holli and I are always saying how lucky we are to have our Chilean friends from church. Think about it. None of us can speak fluent Spanish, but people want to do stuff with us and show us around regardless of this fact. Bacan! Yesterday las tres gringas got to play with a couple Chilean friends, Hector y David. We went to El Mall (yeah, we have those in the States. I know, I know...) and got a mini tour of Valpariso from the local's perspective. David showed us and ex-prison and amazing cemetery just like the one in the Phantom of the Opera movie (which unfortunately prohibited photography).

The gang (menos Hector) in Valpo. *Just as a side note, David received his mission call to the Buenos Aires West Mission yesterday. He's really excited to serve.*

Oh the graffiti saturated sights of Valpo...

Yesterday was also fun because I was introduced to Chilean soccer. When I went to the countryside with mi familia and would say it was the best day ever, mi padre kept correcting me saying, "just wait, soccer day will be the best day ever." So last night the fam had about six people over to watch the World Cup game of Chile vs. Venezuela projected on the wall of the Living. They cooked a ton of meat (steak and spicy hot dogs) for all, and I was excited to experience the real futbol spirit. It was kinda fun to watch, but once the score reach 2-2, I was down and out...I feel asleep during the big game. I woke up only to find out that in soccer there is no overtime, so the final score was a tie, how strange. I feel like a competitive American, I want a clear winner!
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  1. Congratulations to David for his mission call. How wonderful that your Chilean friends can show you the sights from a native's perspective.

  2. I'm glad you're having several best days ever! It sounds so fun. I agree with you about wanting a winner of the soccer game. I joined a women's volleyball game once where they didn't keep score. They were playing just for fun! The game ended when everyone trickled away. I didn't think it was very fun at all. We never ended a game, we never changed sides. There was no rivalry or comraderie. I say hooray for competition and hooray for winning and loosing!

  3. I have since learned that ties aren't that bad. I guess each team gets one point added to their "overall score" for a tie, and they get three points if they win. Now that's not so bad now is it?