Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Bread Winner (or Maker)

Last night I made bread (pan) with mi Padre, Alina, and Dania. It was fun to help out in the kitchen a little bit.

I loved watching the Chilean bread process for this recipe. My padre mixed the dough with water, hot milk, and other things I unfortunately missed because I wasn't paying much attention. Once it began to solidify, he mixed it very well--he even pounded it on the wall at one point. But my favorite twist to this specific recipe would have to be the addition of olives! Little bits of olive were mixed in, which gave it a special flare. The end result was delicious. It tasted like the green onion cream cheese you put on bagels, only this was in bread form. I definitely recommend serving it with avocado on top. Yum!

We shaped some of the dough into tradition flat disks, but we made some fun shapes a well. In this pic you can see our creativity at work. Mi Padre made the horse and bird, I did the frog and turtle, and the girls made the face and hearts.
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  1. You have the most wonderful family! I can't believe that your padre makes bread. How festive:)