Monday, August 31, 2009

Of course the one time I forget...

I love going home from school because I love walking around the neighborhood and I also love walking home to a delicious meal. I was already hungry when I left for my 12:45 class today, and I was excited because I smelled the wonderful chicken meal mi madre was making as I walked out the door. I joke around with other kids in the program how we're like dogs walking home. Let me explain. There is an episode of the Office where Jim trains Dwight to salivate whenever he hears the "ding" sound of Jim's computer. The other students and I laugh about how we start to "salivate" as we walk home. Today I was so excited to just go home and eat lunch. But something stood in the way of my desires: for the first time ever, I had forgot my keys. Normally, mi madre is home, but of course today was an exception. This happens on occasion, and whenever she isn't home for lunch, she makes me a beautiful plate of food protected with saran wrap. It was torture to picture my food sitting alone and delicious. I sat and read for a while waiting for mi familia, but I couldn't hack the wait.

So, today I discovered how difficult it is to break into my house; so difficult that it's flirting with impossible. There is at least a five foot leap of faith to get on the tin-thin roof on one side, and the other side is barred by spikes from heck. At one point I thought about going through the window, but even that is protected by bars. Ugh.

Finally, I plucked up my courage and decided to ask a neighbor for help (after I looked up the words "jump" and "fence" in my dictionary). The neighbor was very friendly, and even though we couldn't understand each other, she did pull out a step ladder to help me get over the fence. Yeah! It was an unexpected adventure that taught me to never, NEVER forget mis llaves!

See what I was dealing with? I think you understand why I didn't want to mess with the spikes.

Decorative bars on the window; and my precious keys that I forgot. Never again I tell ya!

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  1. Those are some very scary looking spikes. Yikes!

  2. That was almost as thrilling as your mom's story about running out of gas on the freeway in LA. Just take out some men huddled around a burning tire, and throw in a few spikes!

  3. Jumping over a spiked fence has never hurt nobody. I love you Abby and I am glad that you were sensible enough and you didn't die.