Saturday, August 1, 2009

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

My first night in Chile, Giselle y mi madre explained the shower furnace thing to me. Light a match, stick it inside the furnace, and turn the knob to the red for warm water. Pretty easy, right? Well, leave it to someone like me to make it difficult. The next day I woke up cold as cold could be. All I was looking forward to was a nice, hot shower to get me going. But, when I got in the shower I couldn't figure out how to get it on. I tried all sorts of turning the knob to the black. Not smart. I had the coldest shower in showering history that day, and it set the tone for an extremely chilly day. At least it build a lot of character, right?

This morning I was determined that history would not repeat itself. I saw that the flame was on inside the box thing, so I didn't mess around. I went straight for the water, and miracle of miracles, it was warm, and dare I say it, it even got hot. It was marvelous, simply wonderful, and my warm shower set the mood for a perfectly sunny day. Ah, what a life!

The furnace that outsmarted me.

The knob of destiny.
Red = warm (which equals happiness)
Black = Outer Darkness (and wickedness never was happiness)

So, bien esta lo que bien acada (all's well that ends well). I can sleep easy tonight knowing that I did indeed conquer the furnace.

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  1. Thanks for my laugh of the day. You are very clever in the way that you write and in the way that you figured out the furnace. I think it helps if you are not the first one to have to heat it up in the morning:)