Friday, May 10, 2013

Home Away from Home: Grandma's

I love spending time with Grandma, and that's always what I seem to do in my "between" phases (between semeseters, between jobs, etc.) She's always kind enough to take me in and make me feel at home. Here are just a few bullet points of what I was doing while I was at Grandma's.

Vista Royale Family Home Evening - it's no secret that I like having FHE with this neighborhood better than a singles' ward. A LOT better. The week we played Hand and Foot Grandma and I dominated. Grandpa Brady would be so proud!

Here's the gang! (minus one). I love this group. 

GRE - While I was at Grandma's I made an effort to strudy for the GRE. The score stands for five years, I figure that I'd like to take the test while I'm still feeling "school-sharp." I had a difficult time focusing at home, so I liked to go to the Springville library to study. Even though I didn't do so hot on the test (Seriously. I bombed it. Please don't ask me about it), I'm glad I still took it. I'm not sure if I'll end up going to graduate school, but it's important to give myself as many options as possible.
And I thought this was so funny. One day at the library there was this cute little bird that kept trying to fly inot the widow. 'Twas hilarious to me. 

BYU Graduation - After having such a positive experience with my graduation, I decided that I should go support my friends and family members who were graduating from BYU. Mmm, nice weather and even better company!

Chelsea Christensen, Hannah Christensen, and Kaitlin Berggren Dunford. 

I got back into running while I was at Grandma's. I discovered the Salem Ponds and that has turned into my new favorite place to run. Picture this, Map My Run telling me how far and fast I'm running, This American Life (Ira) streaming in my ear, and beautiful scenery to gaze upon. Ah, good times. 

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