Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some Bullet Points

  • I write a blurb of what I did every single day on my calendar. I've been doing it since middle school. A bit strange, I know, but I've come to a point where it drives me crazy to not know what I did on a certain day. I honestly think that this practice has made me so good at remembering dates and has created a solid "timeline" of sorts in my head. For this, I am grateful. 
    • Anyway, the other day I realized that I have nails in my wall that I'm not using for anything. Then I remembered that one ususally hangs a calendar on the wall rather than sticking in under the mattress or proped up against the wall. So I hung up my calendar, and it looks like this.
...I can't believe this is blog worthy...

  • Last week my toliet stopped working. I took of the lid and fixed it. I'm still pretty proud of myself.

  • Last Saturday Tyson called me up to volunteer to walk a dog at the animal shelter. I went with him, his girlfriend Sheridan, and Scott and Malena. I walked the cutest dog, and we had some good bonding time. I forget that sometimes I like animals. I named him Balto until I realized he was a she. Fine. Balta it is.
She crewed on that tennis ball so much that she deflated it. Oh, and I found another one and it was so funny to watch her try to fit both of them in her mouth at the same time. So, so funny.

  • After walking the dog, I went out to eat at Chipotle with Sarah Willi and we went to a Salt Lake Real soccer game. Chipotle didn't disappoint, and the game was really fun. Seriously, there is a cool sense of community at those games and I really enjoyed myself. 
Mmm, Chipotle...

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  1. I told McKay about the free walking the dog and he was just as excited as I was. Yay Abby for giving us fun new things to do.

    And yay for going to soccer games. They really are exciting.