Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sugar Days

I moved. Yeah, I know that I do that about every four months, but this has really felt like a big move. I'll even venture to say that the transition from high school to college was easier than my transition from college to real world. Seriously. For one thing, real life is EXPENSIVE!!! Boo! I also found out that real life doesn't come pre-furnished. Double boo. It really stressed me out to drive arcross Utah to purchase a mattress, dressers, desk, table, chair, and rug. You have no idea. Suffice it to say that I'm done making big purchases for while. But an emiphany I've had from this expereince is that I'm going to start acting like I have a home. For the past five-plus years I've been treating everywhere I go like a temporary abode. I'm there four months and then I leave. I live the nomadic life and it's starting to catch up to me. So, now that it's physically impossible to move all my belongings in one car load anyway, I'm going to make my house a home. You know, like frame some pictures to go up on the wall, get a real bedframe (maybe), and get those new towells I've wanted for ages. It's important to feel a real sense of belonging where I'm at rather than just scraping out a meager living.

So I believe it's been good for me to move to Sugar House, and I am enjoying myself. It is so nice to come home after work and to just be done (unlike school where I couldn't seem to catch up with all of my assignments). With the new-found time I have in the evenings I've taken to blogging (as you can read), going to ward activities, wedding receptions (so it begins),  catching up with old friends, and getting to know the city. Also, in the coming months I hope to "domesticate" myself, make a trip down to St. George and up to Logan, and get back into reading. Wish me luck!

For the sake of getting things on record, here's a glace at my new place.

The duplex where I live. 
The dressers that stack on top of each other that I bought on KSL. $20 each. I still felt good about my purchase.

My matress...really needs one of those skirt dealios. I invested a good amount of money into my sleep. The only problem is my bed frame. I need to put something underneath or right next to those wheels because they like to move me around at night. No me gusta. 

I didn't feel like I had a home until I got this desk and chair (Thank you IKEA!) Until I bought the chair the only places to sit in my entire house were my bed and the toilet. This desk and chair combo has been a life-saver!
My $20 IKEA rug has substantially helped in making my room feel more cozy :) 
...and my bathroom (yes, I get my own bathroom). It appears that girl who lived here before me never cleaned. Like, ever. I just spend a good hour spraying and rubbing and breathing in dust and chemicals, and believe me, it was totally worth it to get rid of that disgusting ring inside the toilet. So gross!
And lastly, here is a picture of my church building (the Highland building). I really enjoy going to church in an older building. 

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