Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Joy Is Full

You know, I don't know when I'll ever go back to visit Norway. Of course, I want to visit, desires not lacking, it's just not financially practical at this stage of my life. But lucky for me, Norweigans have the proper funding and they frequenly come to the States to visit. It's awesome. This evening I got to see Alexander Herland, who was/is a miracle. We found and began teaching Alexander three weeks before I finished my mission, and he was my øyenstien. Just that apple of my eye to be cliche. He was an atheist when we first met him, but he was willing to try. What made Alexander special is that he was a commitment-keeper, and that made all the difference in the world. He read in the Book of Mormon. He prayed. He came to Church. He earnestly sought, and he found--for the Lord is bound when we keep His promises.

Alexander's States and I got to see him this past Thursday. I LOVED seeing Alexander and giving him a great big hug. He's here in Utah on visit. He went the Church last Sunday, and he's going again this Sunday. He loved visiting Temple Square and seeing the inside of the Conference Center. He knows how to use the word testimony in a sentence. He recognizes the Spirit. He said he liked seeing how the missionaries live the gospel in "regualar life."

I got to talk with him and ask him questions like how his life has changed since he joined the Church.
Heaven. I was in heaven. I will be eternally grateful that I could met and teach Alexander. I wouldn't say that he ever needed me, but man, I needed him.

With Alexander I constantly felt the reminder that the Church is true. And I haven't found any other source of greater peace and happiness than in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in sharing its great message with others. Ah, my joy is full. Thank you for staying true Alexander, you really don't realize just how much it means to me.

 Gorgeous day in Provo Canyon. I forget how beautiful Utah is sometimes!

Look at how happy he is!

I'll never forget Alexander. Never ever. 

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